Stonehenge Townhouses by pinkSTONE Built.
Phase One: Townhomes
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What is Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is a residential community designed to be a holistic approach to a person’s overall wellness within their immediate living environment.

It is well-known that our overall wellness is built on the four cornerstones of health: Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, and Mental Health.  So often we focus more on the first two and tend to neglect the others leaving us feeling healthy but unwell.  Since the pandemic, so many of us have fallen into the habit of isolation where most of our “human interaction” is now virtual instead of “in real life”.  

So while Stonehenge addresses both exercise and nutrition through things like its walking paths and community gardens, it goes far beyond that to address the other two cornerstones through circadian lighting within the homes and community amenities that encourage human interaction and the sense of cohesion with your neighbors.

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone - so start your life at Stonehenge.


Site plan for Stonehenge by pinkSTONE Built.
Courtyard Housing
High-Density, Single Family Housing
Clubhouse / Residential Lofts
Medium-Density, Single Family Housing
Low-Density, Single Family, Upscale Housing
Community Amenities

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